Welcome to Atlanta Solopreneurs

Connecting and supporting solo business owners and freelancers in the Atlanta area

Why Join

Are you a solo business owner who wants to meet other solopreneurs? Join us in the Atlanta Solopreneurs Co-op!

It's lonely starting and running your own business, especially when you're going solo. This is a network for meeting others on the same journey, learning alongside each other and growing our businesses together.

We focus on:

  • Supporting each other to find resources and guidance
  • Building our networks for referrals, partners and collaborators
  • Learning from each other
  • Promoting each other

We host live in person events and we connect online here in this community. 

Who We Are

There's many networking groups out there! This group was created for:

  • Solo business owners and freelancers 
  • Independent (i.e. an original company, not a subsidiary or a franchise)
  • Atlanta area-based 

We seek to be a safe space for entrepreneurs who feel less welcome in other organizations, particularly people who identify as women, BIPOC, non-binary, and/or transgender though everyone is welcome.

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Porscha Johnson (Mindful Money Financial Coaching)

Porscha is a freelance Project Manager and the Founder of Mindful Money Financial Coaching where we focus on improving employee corporate wellness, financial literacy  and money mindset.

Laura Green (Impact Vector)

Laura is a mother, gardener, and chart nerd strategizing growth that means more than money - especially for nonprofits & entrepreneurs who want to run businesses without becoming business people.

Lex Roman (Growthtrackers and Low Energy Leads)

Lex Roman empowers creatives to book more clients through the art and science of marketing experimentation.